New router!

Yes, I’m a geek, I know that! I installed some power line adaptors the other day to get a wired connection for my Apple TV. It had the desired effect, streams are now faster and more consistent. My long term plan was to also set up another wireless router up there to give better wireless […]


I have always enjoyed pinball machines. Too many people think of them as just wildly flailing flippers, trying to keep the ball in play. True, there is always some of that, but there is so much more. Once you get past the problem of keeping the ball in play, you will start to notice that […]


Dad and Butler brought up my CD collection when they moved me into Rick’s place. I packed them up before I went to Yemen and haven’t seen them since. It’s amazing how much space 400+ CDs take up! I’m in the process of ripping them to my computer where they will take up considerably less […]