I’m doomed…

Last year I bought my iPhone, iPad, and iMac. All within two months. I do love them but it was a bit of a hit to the old finances. I resolved to be a little more practical with my money this year.

Late last year I had decided that I was going to get a “real” digital camera. Still want to get it, and it really isn’t all that expensive as those things go. I also knew that I would be getting the new iPad when it came out. Well, the announcement for the iPad was today, and it has the two things that I was looking for. A much higher res screen and much faster connection to the internet, so I’m in. Last time I got a 16GB wi-fi only model. This time around I will get a 4g model, so that’s an extra $130. Since I’ll be using it in conjunction with my new digital camera, I’ll get the 32gb version, that’s another $100. SIGH.


But that’s OK, I’ll make good use of it. I use my current iPad constantly, I consider it money well spent. So between the camera (and lens) and the iPad, that’ll be a little more than I spent on my computer last year. Still hitting my target for spending less. But then Apple also released the new pile TV. Since I now live in a place with a really nice TV and I’ve subscribed to MLB.TV, this makes a lot of sense. Plus, I can now stream my videos in 1080p to the TV from my computer. OK, another $100, no problem.

And then he said it. The words I was fearing the most. Tim Cook wrapped up the iPad keynote by telling us that “This is just the beginning” for Apple this year. GROAN… Am I going to get a new phone? A new computer? No no, must resist… That’s the thing about Apple, I know that new things from them are quite capable of instilling idiotic desire from me. Of course I want them to come out with the new, amazing stuff, but part of me dreads it too, in a good way of course…:)

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