New router!

Yes, I’m a geek, I know that! I installed some power line adaptors the other day to get a wired connection for my Apple TV. It had the desired effect, streams are now faster and more consistent. My long term plan was to also set up another wireless router up there to give better wireless performance. I hemmed and hawed over this since the existing wifi signal was OK. But you know me… More speed!

Turns out it was totally worth what the airport express cost me. I am shocked at how much faster everything is. Here’s how I have it set up; I run an ethernet cable from the power line adaptor to a switch, from there I have ethernet running to both the Apple TV and the airport express. The AE is in bridge mode so that it is just acting as a wifi access point without doing any routing of signals. Looking at the wifi signal strength, I gained 1 bar. Subjectively, it feels much faster than before. The other thing that has changed dramatically is mirroring from the iPad to the TV via Apple TV. Lots better.

I had thought it was a good idea to hard wire everything when you can, glad this agreed with me.

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