Silver prices

Silver is now trading at $45 an ounce. I started buying it when it was $17 an ounce, that was just a year ago. What is causing the enormous rise in prices? For an answer, all you have to do is look at the spectacle of the budget drama. The government was almost shut down, […]


Got my iPad yesterday and I have today of, what timing! Really enjoying it so far but I’m also surprised at how I’m enjoying it. There’s a few things, like email, reading rss feeds and games that I didn’t think I’d care about that I absolutely love. Add the onscreen keyboard to that as well, […]

Charity update

A while back, I mentioned a “charity” called Kiva. They are a sort of grey area when it comes to charities. They are actually in the micro-finance world, the people that get this money need to pay it back. Some say that micro-finance is an awful thing, poor people should just be given money, no […]