Film and sunk costs

I picked up all of my film when I last went to mom’s place. It’s an
impressive amount, close to 200 rolls. They were meant to be used in
Yemen but the logistics proved too difficult to be practical.

So what am I going to do with it? I still love shooting film, and I
still have nice equipment for doing that, but am I really going to
shoot that much? Some might say that since I spent the money on the
film it would be silly not to use it. I think a more rational way of
looking at it is to realize that money is gone and just look at the
costs involved in going forward.

The big problem is that the film is color. It would cost a ton to get
it developed and scanned. If it were B&W, I’d probably hang onto it. I
enjoy the process of developing B&W film and it’s a far sight cheaper
to develop to boot.

I think using the money that it would cost to develop all that film
would be better used on a new… digital camera. I know, I can hardly
believe it myself. What, you think i’d be without a decent camera? The
thing is that there are finally some good digital cameras that I think
I’d like to use. Plus, many of them are also HD camcorders, it would
be nice to try some more movie stuff after all these years. The new
Panasonic would be the safe bet, but I’m mighty intrigued with the new

So the time has come. I’m going to hang on to several of my cooler
film cameras, but I’m ready to make the switch. Anyone need a bunch of
120 and 35mm film?

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