Life as I see it #19 MTV and Vevo

Anyone else remember this? MTV blew me away when I first saw it in 1982. It blew me away again when I heard it attached to a stereo system. I wasn’t always able to watch it growing up because we went a long time without cable. I remember staying up late to watch Friday Night […]

Moving today? Probably not…

Was originally scheduled to move today. Sure glad I postponed that. Also glad I’m not going to try tomorrow. Even if all the snow miraculously went away, it’s supposed to be in the single digits (Fahrenheit of course) tomorrow. No, I’ll wait it out. Hopefully by the end of the week the streets will be […]

Life as I see it podcast #14 Thinking of my grandmother

  Random, silly things make me think of my maternal grandmother:) Tetris, gooey things, and upholstery…   You can see all of my podcasts at You can subscribe using the RSS feed   You can also subscribe via or email. I encourage you to join in order to take advantage of […]

Baseball playoffs

Got into a discussion with some friends about the playoffs in baseball. One thought that there should be more wildcard rounds, I’m totally against that. Baseball is unique among sports when it comes to the length of their season. The MLB season is 162 games plus the playoffs and the world series. 162 games! The […]