Life as I see it episode #15. Sometimes the theory doesn’t work

  Why in the world did systems with single ended tube amps sound good? By all rights they should sound terrible. Anything with that much distortion should only have made things sound worse. And yet, opinions are sharply divided. Why? Turns out there is a reasonable, if complicated possible explanation. This is a geeky story […]

Life as I see it podcast #14 Thinking of my grandmother

  Random, silly things make me think of my maternal grandmother:) Tetris, gooey things, and upholstery…   You can see all of my podcasts at You can subscribe using the RSS feed   You can also subscribe via or email. I encourage you to join in order to take advantage of […]

Life as I see it podcast episode #11 Bitcoin pt.2

  This is my second podcast about Bitcoin. In it, I mention some links where you can read about some of the potential problems with bitcoins and then talk at length about some of the other potential uses of the protocol. Notice how I keep using the word potential? The links for the pitfalls are […]

Life as I See it podcast episode #10 Can Video Games be Art?

  Can video games be art? Roger Ebert had declared that they couldn’t a fair number of years ago. Jeff Vogel weighed in on this topic and that lead to some discussion in my stream about it. I think the answer to the question revolves around the relationship of the creator to an artwork […]