Got my iPad yesterday and I have today of, what timing! Really enjoying it so far but I’m also surprised at how I’m enjoying it. There’s a few things, like email, reading rss feeds and games that I didn’t think I’d care about that I absolutely love. Add the onscreen keyboard to that as well, I’m flying on this thing! There are a few other things that are going to take some getting used to because they are so different than doing it on a computer. First and foremost is using the Internet. I’m used to having multiple tabs open and flipping between them constantly. Yes, I know that I can use another browser and get the tabbed functionality, but some of the things I keep open in a tab, like google reader, really work better in a native app instead of accessing them online.

This is the first blog post I’ve done on the iPad, we’ll see how well this app does. Still in the process of checking out various apps. I’ll post more once I have a better feel for it. For now, the general impression I have is… Wow!

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