So now we’ve seen the birth certificate

I hope this will put the issue to bed. What really gets me about the entire affair is that the people pursuing this were so disingenuous. What is even more amazing is how ineffectual everyone was in calling them on it.

It was pretty clear that the birther thing was really all about being sore losers with some nasty racist and class undertones. When people would try to point this out, the birthers would simply shrug and essentially say, “Hey, rules are rules! Don’t blame us if he’s not eligible.” When prompted with this, eyes were rolled and disparaging things were said, but no progress was made.

I am sure the vast majority of people that were in the birther group were perfectly happy sitting idly by while far more important rules were being flaunted. Things like denying habeus corpus, the authorization of killing Americans abroad, and then there is the bombing in libya. It’s funny how the rules involving those things are just ignored.

Actually I know why those things were ignored even though it would have been the perfect comeback to birther nonsense. It’s because neither side thinks much of the rules. People defending the president couldn’t bring these things up, and the birthers don’t actually mind that aspect of his presidency.

Rules are indeed rules, it would be nice if anyone would notice ones that matter.


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