Yes, more photo and audio stuff…

    But this was cheap!! I picked up an old (and I do
mean old) Leitz enlarger today for 20 bucks. I already have an omega
D2, but I have no place to put that monster. This new (to me) enlarger
is considerably smaller and will allow me to do my contact prints and
even print from 35mm. I do need to make or find a negative carrier for
it, but I’ll deal with that later, I’ll just do contacts for right now.
    I got my airport express hooked up today. I got it
for Christmas but have just now gotten the cables needed. “Fight the
Power” by P.E. just came on. This is why I love this music technology
so much, what radio station would play P.E. right after Carla Thomas?
There isn’t one and that’s why I have stopped listening to FM. Of
course I have to live with the flat, lifeless sound of compressed
music. Until storage is cheap enough to allow me to store all of my
music uncompressed I’ll just have to deal with the tradeoff of
convience for sound quality. Funny how whenever there is a new playback
technology, that is the usual tradeoff. My turntable still kills my
(rather expensive) cd system, and red book format slays MP3 and AAC
hands down. Still, I can’t hear any difference on the boombox while I’m
exercising, and I’m sure that an iPod will be fine in the car.
    My friend Galen let me listen to some speakers he
made for his parents. While there were some issues, they have a lot of
promise. They are already more detailed than my current speakers, and
they are a little more transparent too. It’s got me thinking about
speakers again, which isn’t a good thing. Maybe I can make him an amp
in exchange for some speakers someday….


One reply on “Yes, more photo and audio stuff…”

Well, that’s one good way to get me to come see you more often… paper is just a tad cheaper than buying a quality printer, negative scanner and learning how to use a decent photo editing program.

Seriously though, I’ll help with the chemicals and whatnot.

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