I know I’m a geek, but this is ridiculous…

    I’m actually reading a dictionary… I’m sure you
couldn’t tell by my atrocious spelling but it’s true. My recently
aquired compact Oxford Dictionary is pretty amazing. It has done away
with the regular pronuciation guide and gone with a much more useful
phonetic spelling instead. It is also sprinkled with tips on proper
usage of commonly misused words like affect and effect. The real
question is do I hate linear algebra so much that a dictionary is
proving to be a compelling distraction? I fear the answer is yes, but
my verbal skills are quite a bit more advanced than my matrix
operations skills at this point, so I should really get back to the
math, SIGH…


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“matrix operations skills”… you keep falling when you try to jump between the buildings, too?

Sorry, couldn’t help it. But then, you’ve probably never bothered to watch The Matrix, have you? Oh well. At least you’re critiqing anime. 😉

I did too!

I saw the matrix, but refused to watch any of the sequels. A good rule of thumb is that any movie that is only made for money will suck. 99% of all sequels are made only because the first film grossed well. As for the matrix, I thought it was fun, but was puzzled by how “deep” many people thought it was. I also think that it would have been much better without so many special effects. My biggest problem with sci-fi movies is how distracting the special fx are. Of course if you take the fx out of most sci-fi movies, you aren’t left with much… Honestly, could Star Wars have stood on it’s story, acting, dialoge, or editing? Hardly, it lacked all the basics of a good film, but it certainly wowed people with the fx and spawned an entire genre of effects driven bs splashed across movie screens. Sorry if I sound a little weird about this, but it burns me that 5 decent films could be made on the fx budgets of the typical sci-fi craptacular…


Re: I did too!

Oh, you don’t sound weird to me at all. I agree with everything you said. You should have heard me bitching about the fx in the last 2 Matrix movies. They each had a few good scenes, and a few striking images, surrounded by crap.

Yeah, that is the problem with sci-fi. It costs nothing but imagination when you read it, but it’s so hard to depict visually.

but math is fun and so satisfying because it always has an answer. verbal skills are easier to acqure, but if it’s easy anybody cn do it.

yeah but…

OK you anonymous poster:-) I’d argue that it’s math’s character of having an answer that makes most of mathematics tedious instead of interesting. When dealing with applied stuff, I’d much rather put the stuff into a computer and try to analyze the results than to go through the process myself. I will never find doing any process in a mechanical, predictible way satisfying. Linear algebra to me is the epitome of useless drugery. That’s why computers do all of it for us:-) I could imagine pure, abstract matematics being interesting, but that is a much different world than the applied crap I’m going through right now…


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