Ghost in the Shell

    Ok, I’ve watched this film twice now, that’s pretty
good for me. I rarely get through an entire film these days, and I
rarely consider any film worth watching again. I guess I’d call it
refreshing, I enjoyed watching it and it made me think a little too. It
wasn’t a “Persona”, “Weekend”, or even “La Grande Illusion”, but it was
quite a bit above the typical dreck that films usually are. I have to
say that there is quite a bit of difference between the dubbed and
subtitled versions on the DVD. The subtitled version has much better
vocal acting and the actual dialog is much much better. Both the acting
and the words chosen for the dubbed version is quite a bit flatter. If
you’re watching it for the first time, I’d go ahead and watch the
dubbed version. I gotta believe that you’d miss a lot the first time
around if you tried to read the subtitles and watch what’s going on at
the same time…  The story gets a little obvious at times and
there’s a bit of gratuitious female nudity (does she really have to
get naked in order to have camouflage? The other characters just put
something on. I’m not really complaining that much, but still…) but
the animation is really nice and there is always something compelling
about a dark, animated film.
    The Aqua Teen DVD was, as expected, incredibly
silly. I am glad I got it though, I’ll probably get the rest of them
sooner or later… Gotta love the Mooninites, the Plutonians, and
Master Shake, what would life be like without them?


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