Wow, I just signed up for health insurence for the
spring semester. $800 just for one semester…. I’ve gotten spoiled at
Penn, I’ve only been working 15-19 hours a week for this past semester
but was still covered under thier program due to how they classified
full timers. Oh well, something I had to do I suppose, no more spending
money foolishly!!
    In better news, my retirement account earned almost
14% this year! I decided to get a little more aggressive and invested
in a diversified international fund and a small cap account. I still
have about 25% of my holdings in a blended, amnaged account. It’s
growing slowly,  but should be a little less volitile than the
others. It’s very cool to have money grow on its own… So as silly as
I am with money, I’m glad I’m being good with at least part of my
financial life.


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