More goodies…

    I went on a little bit of a buying binge. Amazon is
the best and worst thing ever… It started out innocently enough, I
needed a new cable for my Airport Express. I hadn’t even heard of a
Toslink mini connection before, but that’s what I needed to hook it up
to my CD player that has digital inputs. Well, I started browsing and
looking at my wish list and things got a little out of hand. Another
pair of shoes (I’m addicted to how Eccos feel, the last couple of pairs
aren’t all that great looking, but Lord are they comfortable), several
books, two Cds, two DVDs, and the continuation of my shoe rack is what
I ended up ordering.
    So why order more books when I’ve got stacks of them
here that I haven’t gotten to? It’s a fair question, and it’s one that
I’m going to ignore for right now:-) Let’s see, a couple of books
attempting to reconcile Zen and Christianity, one about finding
enlightenment through Aikido, and a technical photo book about toning.
I’m very proud of myself for resisting (for now) the Long, Short, and
Connected discourses of the Buddah. That’s about 2500 pages of the
primary Thereveda canon, all in English. I’ve read the Flower Ornament
Sutra (about 1500 pages) which is supposed to be one of the main texts
of Mahayana Buddisim, and I’ve gone through the Blue Cliff Record which
is as close to a primary text for Zen as you’ll find. All I need are
those other three books and I’ll have a pretty complete library (for a
white guy). One day…
    My friend Galen turned me onto Tori Amos’ latest
album Scarlet’s Walk. He had been a complete Tori freak but gradually
lost interest in her as her product got worse and worse. He claims that
this new album is his favorite one of all time, Tori or not. I’m
listening to it now and it seems to be a little more complex and
accomplished than her earlier stuff (which is all that I’m familiar
with). It’s definately something worth checking out, my initial
impression is pretty favorable. I also got “Listen Without Prejudice”
by George Michael (used, thank you very much). I know, it’s schlock
pop, but it isn’t bad schlock pop. I’ve always liiked Freedom and I
wanted to hear what the rest of it sounded like. It’s really not bad
for what it is, and it’s more than worth the $3.50 I spent on it
including shipping. Gawd, the recording quality is terrible, all the
life is compressed out of it and everything has that kind of electronic
sound. Made for FM…SIGH.
    My silly purchases were the DVDs. These are my first
two ones of my own that I’ve bought. I can defend Ghost in the Shell,
I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and I’m really intrigued
with the Stand Alone Complex series. I can’t really come up with a good
reason why I bought the third season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 
It does have some hilarious episodes, but I’m going to blame this on
Patrick (my step brother in law) for introducing this stuff to me. Oh
well, should be fun… I hope that this appeases me for the next I
don’t know how long since I have much more important things to spend my
money on, like tuition and insurence…


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