Christmas happenings…

    I actaully had a very nice Christmas. With both the
day before and the day after off, I was able to spend time with both
sets of parents, a rarity.It’s almost like having a real job… Got
lots of cool things and people seemed to enjoy the gifts that I gave
them, so it was a succesful Christmas…
    I woke up on sunday to a real snow storm. We ended
up getting around 6 to 7 inches of snow. Much to my disappointment,
Nathan phoned and told me that the roads were indeed fine. So I went
back up on sunday as planned. My cold was quite a bit worse on monday,
so I decided not to go to work. I felt fine today, until I stood up. My
dizziness lasted most of the day so I didn’t go in today either. I’m
fine now, but it turns out I have tomorrow off. That looks pretty
suspicious I know, but I was sick, honest!
    I’m going to try to get through my “History of
Economic Theory and Method” by the end of break. It, along with “The
Road to Serfdom” were the two economics books that I got for Christmas.
I’m not entirely sure what I think of Hayek yet, I hope to have a
better feel for him after I finish “The Road…”
    Speaking of economics, I got some bad news right
before I went down to Gloucester. Turns out that I got a C in not only
math econ, but in micro as well. This is bad on several fronts. First
of all, micro is supposed to be my strong suit. The worse thing is that
if I get a third C, I’ll be kicked out of the program. I’m worried
about that, after all, I’ve never been a great student. C’s and I go
way back. Not only do I need to get above a C from here on in, I need
to bring my average up to a 3.0 to get a degree. So that means that I
need several A’s to counteract the C’s. Not impossible, but I have put
myself in a not so good situation…
    I’m not as worried now as I was before Christmas. I
feel as though I should be able to get A’s and B’s from here on out.
For some reason, the prospect of failure isn’t filling me with
paralzing fear like it did several weeks ago. Don’t know why, but I
feel as though my life is on the right track regardless of what i do in
school. Hmmm, that might be a dangerous way of thinking….
    Turns out I’m a bigger girly man than I thought.
With the addition of another pair of shoes for Christmas (and another I
just ordered) I have shoes everywhere. So I ordered a shoe rack.
Problem is that I have enough shoes that they don’t fit on the rack! I
have to order another shelf! What have I become?:-) Oh well, happy new
year everyone, hope 2005 is good for all of you!


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