It’s official…

    I passed the math econ course. A C isn’t exactly
making me incredibly happy, but it is far better than the alternative.
Anyway, I hope this was my most difficult class and that things get
better from here.
    I had my first nut-job of the season today. Her
husband was looking for a card reader and she asked where they were
made. When she was told that they were all made in Tiawan, she lost it.
“That’s terrible, slave labor..” Her husband and I assured her that
there wasn’t slave labor in Tiawan, and she asked why we didn’t have
any US made ones. Well, there aren’t any made and she was shocked,
SHOCKED that there wasn’t a US made version. I made the mistake of
pointing out that at least they were cheap. I swear I am not making up
her response… “Cheap? These aren’t cheap! $25 is a lot of money, a
person with a crummy job couldn’t afford one of these! It’s sick that a
person with a minimum wage job can’t buy this. This economy is going to
grass(?) and its terrible. Cheap, this isn’t cheap…” She wouldn’t
fucking let up on the cheap thing, kept tossing out, “It’s SOOOO cheap,
isn’t it?” She couldn’t be consoled by fact there weren’t any American
cameras. “Well, if the senators would pass the laws that they are
supposed to and stop taking bribes there would be!”She finished her
evening at Penn Camera by telling me that all the merchants that didn’t
sell American goods should be thrown in jail. Luckily her husband (the
guy buying the stuff) was pretty low key and bought stuff. She wasn’t a
bag lady or anything, she really believed this stuff. Lucky for her I
kept my head and decided not to engage in an argument there on the


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