At last!

    I have managed to get through work and I now have
the next week off!!! My cousin Beth is coming down tomorrow and we’re
going to go visit her Uncle (my father). I plan on spending the rest of
the time here in DC with her doing tourist stuff. It’ll be fun, I
haven’t done anything like that in years. Can you believe I haven’t
even seen the WWII memorial? I’ll also be doing a little driving
downtown tomorrow, we’ll be leaving for Matthews right from Union
Station. As some of you know, I’m a bit weird about driving downtown,
and I’ve never gone from anywhere in DC to 395, so we’ll see how it
    Hmm, what else… Oh yeah, I got s set of “slosher
trays” for developing sheet film. They should help me develop my
negatives with a minimun of scratching. I’m really going to try to
shoot with my 5×7 over this vacation. I’ll even try to print some too,
but I can’t promise anything.
    I had a dream the other night that I can’t shake. In
it, I was talking to a friend of mine about religious matters, she
stopped me and asked why I was in economics and not in religious
studies. I couldn’t come up with an answer then and I still can’t. My
religious books outnumber my economics books by at least 3 to 1 and I
tend to read that stuff whenever I can. Economics is very interesting,
and it certainly can be more lucrative, but I worry that I’m studying
it for the wrong reasons, or at least have the wrong direction. The
last semester in econ was informative, I’ll have to see if it keeps
going in the same direction or not…
    Beth and I are going to try to go to an Aikido dojo
at least once while she’s down. I got her interested in it at school
and I’ve been having the itch to go back. Besides, it’s good to be
humbled once in a while, having a 95 pound woman throw me around is
bound to be good for me:-) I’ll post as things occur to me, but I may
be otherwise occupied for most of the next week. Hope everyone has a
good one!


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