She went back…

    SIGH! I miss her already… My cousin Beth is back
up in Conn. getting ready to go back to school. We had a great time
doing touristy things and eating well, but it was over far too soon. We
gave her quite a workout, she went kyaking and took a yoga class with
Butler and then we did about 5 miles worth of walking the other day.
She’s fully recovered, but I’m still a little sore, guess I should get
back to exercising a little more often. Beth is the youngest of all my
siblings, cousins, and step siblings and I’m the oldest out of that
whole group. We’re quite a pair! Technically speaking I guess we’re of
the same generation, but just barely. She made it quite clear that
since she came down and visited me, I have to go up and visit her…
She won’t have to twist my arm, I’d love to go up to my old stomping
grounds in Ithaca (She’s at Cornell). Anyway, I’m back to my usual
stuff but I’m off till tuesday, yipee!!!


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