Sometimes God speaks to you clearly and directly. I
was wondering how I could make more money, maybe even thinking about
another job. Well, the other day a woman walks right up to me at work
and asks if I know anyone that would be interested in teaching
photography at the parks and rec center in Chantilly! Umm… yeah! So
I’ve applied, I figure I’ve got a good chance at getting the position,
especially since the class starts on 06/26. There are two classes, each
meets once a week. They don’t have any darkrooms there, so they will
have to shoot slide film (hmm, I assume they have a projector laying
around there somewhere). It sounds ideal to me. No, I’m sure the pay
sucks, but it would be more than what I’m getting now. More
importantly, it would be something else to put on my resume…
    I’ll be going down to Dad’s and Butler’s for
Father’s day tomorrow through Sunday. Should be fun, Nathan will be
making some sort of feast and it’s always relaxing down there. I just
hope the traffic isn’t too bad, it was brutal today. I’ll be back on


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