Father’s day

    It was good, but too short of course. I went down on
Sat. night and left after dessert on sunday. I gave dad a new cd player
to replace the old one he had been using. It was the same one that I
received as a gift in 1987! It did still work, once you got the door
open. Of course if you weren’t careful, you could pull the drawer all
the way out of the machine. Butler was as happy (maybe moreso) as dad
was for getting a replacement for the old beast.
    Nathan whipped up an excellent dinner (as usual)
and a dessert to die for. I even took pictures, just some snap shots of
the family doing things. Turns out I only took one of dad by himself,
but it was the first shot and I hadn’t advanced the film far enough
along, so he was cut in half with a black frame. LOL, it was only
father’s day…
    I hit a dead skunk on the way home. There was an
overpowering stench for a short period of time. I’m talking about a
wretching, gut churning type of inensity to this smell. Luckily it was
gone fairly quickly, or so I thought. I got into the car this morning
and noticed the faint but unmistakable aroma of skunk.  Driving
around today with the windows down seemed to have helped that a bunch,
I sure hope I got rid of it….
    There’s even some good news back up in NOVA. First
off, the dog is taking a one week vacation at mom’s house. Yipee! No
dog walks for a week! I have an interview for the parks and rec photo
teacher position on thursday. She seemed to really want me for the job,
I’ve got a good feeling about this! Thank you God! And the last thing,
it looks like I’ll have a three day weekend coming up! It’s just a
quirk in the scheduling, but I’m going to enjoy it. I’m not quite sure
what I’m going to do. If I had any common sense, I’d sit down and plan
out my teaching plans for the photo class (assuming I get it) and clean
up my living area (which has become a bit of a hell hole). Luckily
nobody has ever accused me of having much common sense, so my options
are still open!


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