Well, I found another negative carrier for my
enlarger on Ebay. This time I just bought the damn thing instead of
going through the excitement of being outbid again. Paid about 100
bucks, but that seems like what it takes to get one of these things.
Anyway, that means that all I need now is a folding banquet table and I
can actually make prints from my 35mm negs again! Yippee! Of course if
I don’t shoot any, it doesn’t really matter I suppose. Oh well, I’m
very close to having a working darkroom for 35mm and 5×7 contacts, and
I’m excited…


2 replies on “Gah…”

Well, I still need to get a print washer and figure out some way of drying the damn things. Don’t worry, I’ll def. let you know when I’m up and running, it’ll be good to see you again:-)


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