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The new place

My first night and day at the new place went by without incident. Happily, the place is pretty quiet, I slept like a baby. My housemates (so far) are decent enough. Living here reminds me of my time in Yemen a bit. There is an Afghan family to one side of me and on the other is an Arabic family from an as yet unidentified place. One of my current housemates is from El Salvador and the other is from Nicaragua. There will be a Bolivian family moving in as well in a couple of months. I love all of the international elements here, maybe I’ll pick up some Spanish as well as get to practice my Arabic…

I love the location, the bus stop is literally right around the corner and I think that even I can make the walk to the metro in good weather. There is plenty of shopping and restaurants along the bus line (along Backlick road) and everything is pretty convenient.

Mom has left her car up here until I can bring it down. I’m of two minds on the car. Yes, it is handy. On the other hand, I am on a serious austerity budget and it isn’t clear to me that I can afford car insurance, gas, taxes, etc. right now. The other ironic thing is that it is easier to walk back from the bus stop than it is to walk back from where I end up parking the car. Parking spaces are at a t here, come back at night and you might be in for a bit of a hike.

I still need to get some basic stuff to make living here easy. Stuff like salt and pepper shakers, a spoon, a plate, etc. I’ll round those things up over the next couple of days. Tomorrow, I get familiar with the bus routes…

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