odds and ends

The move

Everything went very smoothly, well almost everything. Kelly, Pat, mom and Rick helped me move into the new place. Thank God they were there. There was no way on earth I could have gotten my bed out of Rick’s place and up into my new place without their help. So all my stuff is now there and I am going to spend my first night there tonight!

The only hiccup occurred when I gave my landlord my check. He looked down and pointed out that my checks still said “First Union” on them. First Union was bought out by Wachovia something like 6 years ago. Obviously, I don’t write checks very often… I’ll get some new ones from the now Wells Fargo bank that I use.

My new place doesn’t have internet just yet so I’ll be offline for a little while. I’ll go up to the library and get online in the nearish future. Till then, I’ll be learning the bus lines and starting my new job!!! I’ll post news when I have it.

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