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Ramadan Kareem indeed

So like I said, my neighbors on each side are muslims and are clearly immigrants. I’ve made the effort to wish them a happy Ramadan in Arabic hoping that we can start up a conversation. One of them just smiled and waved as he went in. I got the distinct impression that he doesn’t know Arabic. I briefly talked with the patriarch on the other side. He doesn’t know Arabic and his English is spotty. I did find out that he’s from Afghanistan.

While I was sitting on my stoop looking for a wireless signal, a much younger guy came up to the door of the Afghan neighbor and I wished him a happy Ramadan. He saw me using my computer and we struck up a conversation. I was going crazy trying to track down a wireless signal that wasn’t mine, it turns out that he wants someone to set up a wireless network, so we struck up a deal. I’ll set up his wireless system and he’ll let me use it. Now that’s a good deal!

Setting up the router is no big deal really. I’m a little worried about setting up his computer, but I’m sure I can muddle through, even if it’s windows. Things are looking good… maybe I’ll get to try one of their Ramadan Samosas too!:-)

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