Steve Irwin died

I was never much of a fan, but I admired his courage. The way he died reminded me of a friend of the family. Mike lived next door to my grandmother and had health problems his whole life. Circulation problems, respiratory problems, heat attacks, and even diabetes. He lived into his early 70’s when he died of cancer…. Steve Irwin handled numerous deadly snakes and man eating crocks but was killed by a 1000 to one freak occurrence. Getting stung through the heart by a sting ray was probably the least likely way he imagined himself dying. Oh well, just goes to show that when it’s your time, it’s your time.


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Being a man of action is not always the best. There is an outside chance that if he had left the barb in place until he got to a facility, they could have saved him. He took the finger out of the dike. No one can survive an open hole, but one that is plugged lasts longer. He shouldn’t have pulled it out. It wasn’t the toxin, it was the massive blood loss that did him in. He really deserved to die some other way, with all the stupid things he did.Still it is too bad.

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