“Liberals” are too conservative…

A great post over at Coyote blog about the inherent conservatism of the so called left in America. They are fundamentally against change, uncertainty, and don’t believe that ordinary people (especially the poor ones) are capable of making good decisions. That makes them against the driving force behind increased standards of living, longer life spans, and better tecnology…. capitalism. He discusses it much more depth here than I do. One of my favorite parts is in the comments…

“After exchanging numerous emails with a Liberal friend of mine, I finally challenged him:

“So you think people are simply too dumb to run their own lives?”

His answer was along the lines of “Yes and without intelligent people making their decisions, they’ll choose poorly.”

Then I threw out the kicker:

“What if you’re NOT one of the intelligent people?”

LOL, a great post.


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