Keeping the weight off…mostly

Just weighed myself for the first time in 3 or 4 months and I’m at 210. It’s actually exactly what I thought I’d be. Not bad considering I’ve been eating whatever I want and not doing any exercising to speak of. I have put on 5 pounds from my low of 205, but its still much lower than my worst (measured) weight of 229. I’m hoping that I can exercise a little more before my trip. I’ll still be eating whatever I want, after all I’m sure there won’t be any pork BBQ (or pork anything for that matter), pepperoni pizza, ice cream, etc over there. Of course I’m sure that I’ll find new things that I love over there and will rationalize my bingeing on them cause they aren’t over here… Well, as long as my weight stays under control (along with my blood stuff) and I feel ok I will continue to enjoy food… Now for that whole exercise thing…


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Well I know that Sana’a has Pizza Hut, not sure about the pepperoni… And it has Baskin Robbins, so you are good to go for ice cream. I believe that is the extent of western resautrants, besides KFC.

Re: Yemen

Yeah, but what’s pizza without pepperoni? There’s no way they’ll have that, lots of pork products in that… You’ll be there soon, I’m jealous! I have several more weeks of work, and then about a month off and then I’m Yemen bound!


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