Last spending spree taking place…

I’ve decided not to get a new computer, I think… It’s just too much money, and my current computer works just fine. That’s the rational side of me talking of course, it sure would be easier to take a laptop though, and I could use it on the plane ride too… It would also make some of my tasks much easier and faster… I’m currently trying to rip an AVI file into an MP4, it’s taking a long long time to do though… Why am I doing that? So I can out it on my iPod of course. No, I haven’t bought one yet, I’m waiting to see what the new ones look like on tuesday, there’s going to be a big announcement about the Apple music store too. I figure that an iPod will be a good replacement for me on the plane, and it’ll allow me to listen to all of my music without disturbing the locals (not sure what kind of reception “Walk” by Pantara would have over there. Now that I think of it, they’d probably dig it…)

I’ve also gone on a mini music spree. Picked up the Best of Rev. James Cleveland on Ebay for a penny (plus shipping of course). Great rave up gospel music, no excuse for not owning this, great music and cheap!! I’ve also ordered an Aretha Franklin live gospel album and a collection of black prison work songs form the 30’s. All of them are well known incredible performances so I’m looking forward to it.

I also got my new (to me) camera today. A black Konica Hexar AF. I can’t try it out though since I don’t have a battery for it. I’ll take care of that tomorrow. It looks just like what I was looking for and it has the reputation of being an incredible performer. I should be set, now all I have to do is try a little harder to convince myself that I don’t need that computer….


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