Nothing like good contacts…

A friend of Rick’s friend came to the party that he threw. She’s (to me) a grandmotherly lady with quite a bit of traveling experience, she learned her Arabic in Morocco. She was with the State department I think… Anyway, she and I had a nice conversation at the party. She admitted that she had always wanted to go to Yemen and was envious about my travel plans. I gave her an invite to come out and see the place whenever she could. Well, she came in the store the other day and bought a camera from me. We were talking about my trip and she asked if I was going to go up to Oman. I had thought about it, it would be an interesting place to go to. Well, one of her good friends is living there. Oh yeah, she’s also married to the US ambassador to Oman as well. She said that I should give them a call sometime… I can see it now, I call up the embassy and ask for Bob, the ambassador… If I can get in touch with them I’ll be sure to go visit Oman, especially if Anne does come out there. She also has friends with USAID. Not really sure what they do…

Another customer of mine works for some government agency or another and he’s given me quite a bit of good advice. He hasn’t been to Yemen (yet), but he has travelled all over the world. I doubt that I’d be able to make contacts like this anywhere else in the US, so I guess there are some benefits to living in the DC area:-)


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