Sometimes God speaks clearly and directly…

    Well, I went to the Apple store today to get my
bluetooth keyboard and mouse. No problems there but I did manage to
tempt myself again. I fooled around with the Mac Mini and the Emac.
They are pretty speedy running OS 10.4… I went to CompUSA to get the
monitor/tv I wanted to buy. Every time I go to this store I am reminded
what a terrible place it is. In addition to not being able to find
anyone to help, the place looked like hell. I really didn’t have the
money for the TV, but it was only $350 and I wanted it now! Well, I
should have taken the hint when I walked in and couldn’t find anyone or
the monitor. I pressed my luck and flagged someone down. I had to wait
until another guy stopped ogling some woman’s ass before my guy
deceided that he could perhaps use another terminal to check out the
inventory. “Nope don’t have that, haven’t had it for months.” And that
was it, he walked away. Keep in mind that he probably could have sold
me something else, I was ready to buy.
    Oh well, my approach has now changed back to a
longer term one. I will get another monitor, but I’ll save up for it
(there’s a novel concept) and I might even get a Mac mini after a while
too. I can add a tv tuner to the mini and not to my FrankenMac (I’ll
spare you the gory technical details) for around $150. I think that
this is the best idea long term. In the meantime, I really like my new
keyboard and mouse. I also love getting that noisy, cluttered rat’s
nest of a computer box off my desk. The video card I ordered should
come in sometime this week. That ought to improve the quality of the
current display considerably. I only have 700 MB left on the 5GB(!)
hard drive in the FrankenMac, I’ll have to find a cheep 40 gig around
somewhere. I’m hoping that that’ll be the last of the improvements to
the old one. In a month or two I should have the money saved up for a
decent 19″ LCD monitor. We’ll see how it goes, that might be it
computer-wise, but you never know whan Apple will release somthing I
have to have…


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