So much for self control….

    OK, I know it’s only been a matter of hours since my
last post, but I ordered a new monitor. I know, but it was a deal…
I’m getting a Dell ultrasharp 19″ LCD. There was a coupon for 35% off
and I couldn’t resist, especially while looking at it with my POS
ancient monitor. I got the coupon at cheap stingy bastard
(, what a great name, and what a great site!
Check it out… Anyway, it’s a better price (326 delivered!) than a lot
of the 17″ ones I had been looking at, and I’ve heard nothing but great
things about these particular monitors. I don’t feel too bad about it,
I’ve wanted a new monitor for a while and I’m actually ahead of where I
thought I’d be money-wise, so what the hell:-) I’ll actually enjoy
using my desktop computer at last! I have a real keyboard, a real
mouse, and soon I won’t get a headache from reading onscreen! I’m
pretty excited.


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