OK, I’m a little crazy…

…but I’m not nuts. Despite what I’ve been saying here on my blog, I
have been thinking about getting the mac mini. After looking at what it
would actually cost to get the one I’d want, I’ve decided that 800
bucks is just a bit rich for me. I do still want to clear some space
from my desk though, so this is what I’m going to do. I am going to get
a new LCD monitor and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the
FrankenMac. I have already ordered the new video card (around 60 bucks)
and will start looking for a cheapish, smallish LCD tomorrow. Once I
get the bluetooth dongle, I’ll be able to get the machine off my desk
and still be able to use the keyboard and mouse. It’ll still be louder
than I’d like, but I can’t really afford the quieter machine. In the
meantime, I’ll have much more room on my desk and I hope I’ll be a bit
more productive. Using the desktop machine right now isn’t really very
much fun. The current monitor is old and the “personality card” that is
running it really isn’t up to the task. The result is a dim, not so
sharp view while working on the computer. In addition, the cable on my
USB mouse isn’t really long enough so it is a bit of a pain to use the
machine… I’m going to put the computer inderneath my desk off to the
right and just have the drives on the desk itself. No, it’s not a new
computer, but I’m excited about changing what I have anyway…


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Bluetooth is a little different. Many “wireless” systems require line of sight, in addition, bluetooth is the only wireless option that works with Macs (as far as I know). I think there’s also a distance differece, the cheap bluetooth thingys are good up to 30 feet. That might be useful for printing, but I have no idea why you’d want your keyboard and mouse 30 feet from your computer…:-) The other cool thing is if (when?) I get a mobile phone, I can synch my address book wirelessly too. Anyway, think I’ll head to the Apple store today and see if they have what I need…


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