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Saw my Neuro today

He looked at my latest MRIs and found that nothing has changed in my head, no new lesions! Whew! It seems as though my Tysabri is doing its job in keeping the disease at bay. The challenge now is to figure out why I don’t feel as good as I did last year. I feel more tired, weaker, a little more muddle headed, and my very short term memory seems to be shot to hell. It isn’t uncommon for me to have my hand near the shampoo and wonder if I’ve already washed my hair. Or I think of something I want to look up online when I’m done doing the thing I’m doing at present. Even if, and maybe especially if, it is 30 seconds later, it is frequently gone.

My doctor thinks I might have some sort of underlying sleep issue like apnea. Could be I suppose. We’re also experimenting with some of my other medicines to see if they are the cause of any of these issues. He mentioned the possibility of Ritilin to help combat the fatigue. It seems that it is fairly common for folks with MS to take it.

There is also the distinct possibility that I am just really put of shape. That wouldn’t explain the memory thing, but it could certainly help explain a lot of the other things. Trouble is that I am frequently wiped out, especially after work. Exercising wipes me out, even going into the next day. I don’t feel as though I can work when I’m that wiped out. It’s a big reason why I’m in the shape I’m in. I wonder if I’m going to have to take some time off of work just to get going on that. I’ll talk to my doctor about that and look into gym memberships again. Groan, taking a pill is so much easier than going to the gym…

So I’m glad that the big stuff seems to be behaving itself, now to work on the smaller stuff…

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