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Had a nice vacation

Saw a ton of people. Mom, my uncle Brian, Dad, My Aunt Cathy and uncle Doug, my cousin Beth and her husband Evan and their adorable little girl Zita, even my stepsister Coleman! That’s a lot of family packed into one week, it was too short. The Bach family is the target for my next vacation. My brother is down there with my aunt, uncle, and cousin on that side of the family. And they’re in Virginia Beach, I really don’t have any excuse to not see them…

Did a few things that I hadn’t done in a long time over that week. First, I used canned shaving cream. I have been using shaving soaps and and creams for the past three years but I decided that I didn’t want the hassle of packing them and a brush. Man, what a difference, that canned stuff sucks! Yes, it was a much thicker lather than I usually get, but it really dried out my skin and the blade didn’t glide nearly as well. The hell of it is that it is the same price as the good stuff, not going to do that again!

The other thing I did was listen to FM in the car. Ugh. I have been listening to my iPod, and more recently to LastFM or Slacker Radio in my car for the last 2 years. I do not miss FM at all. It was filled with nothing but commercials and people yakking. Oh, and some really terrible music to boot. I really don’t mind paying in order to avoid commercials, and I love the ability to skip songs and tell them to never play that again… Technology really is wonderful. My drives are so much nicer because of my iPhone.

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