More arcade nostalgia for the iPad

Just downloaded Galaga for the iPad. For those of you not familiar with 80’s arcade games, Galaga was probably the pinnacle of the space invaders type games. Space invaders is a classic of course, it was the first arcade game to start a craze, the likes of which weren’t seen again until Pacman came along. Japan actually suffered a shortage of 25 yen pieces because of the game. But by the time the 80’s rolled around, Space Invaders was pretty dated. I only ever saw 2 or 3 of those games in the wild, they were old by the time I got to the arcades. Galaga was a lot more colorful, and added in some new action with swooping aliens, and tractor beams that could capture your ship. With careful shooting, you could get it back and then shoot with two ships at the same time.

IMG 0003


This just came up in the App Store recently, and it was FREE!!! No more quarters, and lots more smiles. They have several versions available to purchase, but I’m sticking with the classic one for now. Lots of fun…

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