Play Ball!

    The pain has started again… As a Chicago Cubs fan,
I am looking forward to another season of agony as they manage to
squash my dreams yet again… But I’m glad the season is underway. It
was a long winter without any hockey. Plus I now know spring is here
and summer is on the way!
    I’ll be going up to Ithaca on thursday to go on the
“Isaac feels old” tour… Actually, I’ll be hanging out with my cousin
and taking pictures. I’ll also be pigging out on all the food I miss so
much. Hopefully my jeans will still fit when I get back. I’m already
enjoying not working, today was the last day on the job until next
thursday. Ah freedom! I’ll have internet access in my hotel room, so
I’ll try to post if something interesting comes up.


3 replies on “Play Ball!”

Pain? You do not have any idea pal. Smoltz gets smoked, the Marlins win 9-0. It was like watching Schindler’s List but without the happy ending.

I envy you. Ithaca + Beth does sound great. I am still hoping to do the VA/CT rounds this summer. Probably in early July thereabouts. Would really like to get together with you but depends upon your plans. That is if you want to get together.

Take care


I really liked the AP’s version of that game… “John Smoltz, Atlanta’s supposed ace…” Well at least your manager has a brain, who’s the first pince hitter off the bench for the Cubs? Jose Fucking Macias, now there’s a guy you can count on to drive in some runs….And yes, I would LOVE to see you, it’s been years! Let me know when you’ll be in the general area and I’ll maks sure to come down to dad’s. If possible, let me know as far ahead of time so that I czn manage things with work…


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