Gotta love Tri-x and Rodinal…

    I shot some tests to make sure the film I’ve had
sitting around for years is ok. Turns out it is, but I found something
else out. I shot some trees in the backyard and developed the sheet in
Rodinal 1:50 dilution. Since it was a bit overcast when I shot it, I
gave it an N+1 boost to the contrast. WOW. I have never seen  a
negative “pop” like that on a light table. The thing is sharp sharp
sharp, and since the neg is 5×7 inches, you can see that with the naked
eye. It helps that the exposure is perfect, this may be one of the best
exposed, best developed negatives I’ve ever seen. No really, it’s that
good. Too bad it’s just a quick shot of the backyard that’s not framed
well… Oh well, it does give me hope that I’ll be able to get some
really great shots while I’m up in NY. I still need to get a folding
banquet table to set up in my bathroom to process more than one sheet
at a time. I also need to get a print washer. I think I have a line on
a cheapie, it uses a standard pet aquarium, and they have a 5×7
version! SIGH, why does everything cost money?


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