This year’s Easter memories…

    My aunt Deb saying, “Hurry up, I’m sitting on the shredder.”
    Eating the “poodle” cake. It was supposed to be a lamb cake.
    Hearing “Bang your head” by Quiet Riot on the radio on the way back home.
          “Bang your head,
          wake the dead
          metal health will drive you mad.

That brought back some memories… My Uncle Brian got me “Metal
Health”  on LP for my birthday in 8th grade. I traded it later
on  for a cassette of the Scorpions’ “Rock you Like a
Hurricane.”  Boy, did I get ripped off, the only decent song was
the title track, and Bobby Saunders had failed to mention that the tape
was all screwed up in the middle of the guitar solo… Ahhh, Easter
memories, where would we be without them?


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