New stuff on the site

    I have managed to put up a rather lame piece on
Black Sabbath and a short diatribe about my political beliefs. I’m sure
that the politics thing will manage to piss everyone off, but that’s
what discussions about politics are supposed to be about. I managed to
say what I wanted to about Black Sabbath, but upon further reflection,
it really isn’t much at all. Maybe I’ll take it down again some time
soon when I have something interesting to say…
    I do have some interesting things I’m working on,
but I can’t seem to make them work the way I want them to. I am still
wrestling with my composistion article, David Bowie (little more than a
fan piece), a critical Christian view of the New Testament(!), and even
some economics stuff too. I may not bother with any more econ stuff,
nobody seems to go to those pages anyway. I know it’s dull stuff, but
now I have proof!:-) My most popular pages are my pictures. I’d like to
put more up, but that means more scanning and that means I’ll have to
look into the feasability of buying my own scanner. We’ll see, the new
computer is the priority. I am most comfortable typing on my full sized
keyboard and using my large LCD monitor to work on my web site, but my
machine can’t handle the program, so I have to do everything on my
laptop! That’s gotta change soon.


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