I know, I know….

    No, I still haven’t put anything up on the web site.
I do have several things going and I should have at least one of them
up by sunday night. Nothing much is going on, I did a lot of nothing
today and it felt good. I did write up my official withdrawl from the
Economics program at GMU. It’s funny, now it seems like the most
natural thing in the world, but at the time it was a rather momentous
decision. Now that that chapter has finially closed, I can look forward
to the next.
    The last class went really well. Now that they have
a basic idea of how to print, they really ate up the information about
printing. The last couple of classes will revolve around digital
photography and giving pointers to them via their own pictures. Should
be fun…
    I’m getting very close to having enough money for my
new computer. There are rumors of a real new Mac Mini. The last
revision was basicly a price drop. The current rumors have the mini
getting a G5 processor in september. I don’t really believe that, but
I’m going to wait for it just in case. Between the class money, the
money for my frankenmac, and some kickbacks from camera bag
manufacturers, I should have enough money by them. Can’t wait!


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