A good day

    I went downtown today and took Giane to Perry’s for brunch. This is a restaurant in Adams Morgan that has a
brunch buffet. The food is pretty good, but the main attraction is the
drag queens that lip sync to various songs. They really are something
to behold, I don’t want to think about how much money they’ve spent to
look like that. They love to go around and embarrass the more “hetero”
looking men and generally make people laugh.
    I suggested that we go there because I thought she’d
get a kick out of it, plus I didn’t think she could afford to argue
over the check. She did get a kick out of it and predictably protested
me buying her food. I managed to appease her by claiming it as a
birthday present. Sheesh, she can be tough sometimes:-) She was as
yummy as usual, even if she did have a hangover. Anyway, we hung out
and chatted about things and stuff, it was a good time. I’m hoping that
since she’s settled we can get together a little more often (and
perhaps introduce me to some of her single friends…)
    What else… I will only have one student next
class. I have been trying to emphasize the photographer’s role in how a
picture looks and deemphasizing the impact of equipment. When I found
out that she was going to be the only student in that class, I asked
her what she’d like me to cover. “Can we talk about cameras? I’ve been
thinking about buying a Nikon D70…” GROAN! (shrug) OK, it’s her
money, but I really hope that she has gotten more out of the class than


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