New camera on the way?

OK, so a guy at work gave me another camera to sell on Ebay. I’ve been doing this for him (for a fee of course) for a while, so no problem, right? Well, there’s a slight problem, there’s no effin way I’m selling this camera, it is very close to my ideal… Yes, I had heard of this before, but I had never seen one. He has everything, the camera, 3 lenses, many backs, even a polaroid back! Check it out:

Isn’t it sweet? OK, I’ll explain. It is used like a view camera, with interchangeable backs, and even front movements (rise/fall, swing, tilt) but get this, it uses roll film instead of sheets! That means 8 shots at a time instead of 1. That means much less weight and bulk. The neg is smaller than 4×5, but not by much. The coolest thing is that I can shoot either with the ground glass back (like a regular view camera) or I can shoot with the rangefinder! Yup, I can shoot this beauty like my Leica! How am I going to pay for this? I’ll sell off the cameras I bought. Yes I’ll take a bit of a hit on them, but I’ll have a much nicer camera for the trip.


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