Back from funeral

It was as you might expect. Sad. It was good to see everyone although we all agreed that we would rather not have met for a funeral. The service itself was very nice. The priest did a good job and there was a pretty big turnout.

Beth (my cousin) looked as lovely as ever. She read a poem that my grandmother had kept by her bed for years. It was all about how she didn’t really die, that she’s the breeze and rain in spring, the sun in summer. Wasn’t a dry eye in the place, except for her, she has some serious willpower, remind me never to get in a battle of wills with her…

In better news my other cousin (Ed) is out if the hospital and recovering well. He made it to the funeral which surprised me. What also surprised me was his comment that he now feels better than he had for the previous two years. That’s after spinal cord surgery! He must have been in pretty bad shape.

It’s back to work tomorrow, yippee! I have now used up all of my remaining vacation time. Wasn’t a good year for vacations. Used an entire week’s worth on being sick (over my birthday) and now a funeral. Guess that’s OK since I have a rather long one coming up:-) Just gotta keep thinking about the trip and everything will be fine…


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