Tried to test camera today…

And it looks like I’ll need to get a little more familiar with it before doing any sort of real shooting with it. Not only did I not have the lens in the proper position to shoot with it, but I never removed the dark slide from the film holder. What that means is that even if the light could have somehow gotten through the darkslide, the pictures would have been all out of focus.. I’ve put up my other cameras on my website to sell them. Never really got a chance to use the 4×5, it’s been back and forth to Australia. First to fix a wonky shutter and the next time due to a weird miscommunication. Oh well, it seems to work just fine. After shooting with the 6×12, I realized that it’s a format that you really have to want to shoot with, it’s tough to just make a scene work with that wide an aspect ratio. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble selling them though, they really are nice cameras, and a God send for anyone that is sick of carrying around big, heavy cameras…


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