Mother’s day

    It was pretty good. Brian and Carolee came over with
the brood of kids and we had a big dinner. I was in a pretty good mood
and wasn’t as “on edge” as I usualy am around kids. Evan was a stich…
First of all, he really is in love with his little sister, it’s really
cute. I have also rarely seen a kid so happy as he was when he was
handed an ear of corn. He was distresed that several of the kernals had
fallen on the floor and we had to comfort him by telling him the dog
would eat them later… Liam explained his reasoning behind me being 58
years old. My mother is 57 and I’m taller than she is, so I must be 58!
I tried to explain to him that since she’s my mother, she had to be
older than me. At that point Evan put down his corn long enough to
exclaim that I was poppa Rick’s mother! It was pretty funy…
    Oh, and my brother made me really jealous. He saw a
little ad in the paper that mentioned that Mudhoney would be performing
at the Chrysler Museum of FIne Art in Norfolk. For thos of you not in
the know, Mudhoney was the original “grunge” band in Seattle. This was
the group whose gigs Curt Cobain would hang around afterwards to see if
he could carry theur amps or something. I can’t remember who said it,
but someone once called Mudhoney the greatest of all Seattle bands
because they “Rock longer, harder, and sweeter than anyone else.” I
agree completely. Anyway, the Chrysler musuem was about the last place
he expected them to show up. It turns out that there was a photo show
based around the early 90’s Seattle scene, so they were brought in to
add color. Neither of us even realized that they were still around as a
group. He says it was fun, and I really wish I could have seen them….


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