I thought I was going nuts…

    I had to go to a meeting today up in Bethesda. As
usual, I was running late and forgot to check which floor of the garage
I parked on. When I realized that I had to feed the meter I remembered
that there was sky above me when I got out of the car, so I must have
been on the top floor… Well I went to the top floor and there weren’t
any cars there at all! Hmmm, maybe I went into the wrong garage? There
was one right across the street, maybe I got turned around… Nope,
there weren’t any cars on the top of that one either. Now I started to
panic a little. Maybe it was stolen? A Taurus? C’mon Isaac. Do
you think they’d tow the car if I was 10 minutes late on the meter? Not
likely… Maybe I’m going insane. Unfortunately, that seemed like the
most likely cause of my confusion. Well, after wandering around
different floors pushing my “panic” button on my remote, I stumbled on
the answer. The garage was a split level thing. Part of the building
went up to 7 floors and the other part only went up to the 4th. My car
was on top of the 4th floor part. It took me 25 minutes or so to figure
this out, the people in the meeting must have thought I had gotten
lost. The good news is that I didn’t get a ticket even though I was 20
minutes over on the meter…


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