Feeling better

    Today was the first day in two weeks that I felt
well enough to exercise. My cough is mostly gone now, it only shows up
after a prolonged bout of talking. Not a lot going on…. I’m going to
the Cubs/Nationals game this sunday assuming that it doesn’t get rained
out. Richard (an Englishman who works with me) will be coming along. He
went with me the last time I took in a game in Baltimore. It’s fun to
try to explain baseball to someone, it’s really quite a bit more
complicated than you think. The concepts of foul balls, force plays,
balks, etc involve quite a bit of minutiae. Anyway, I hope it doesn’t
rain this sunday, the initial forcast says there’s a chance for some
thunderstorms. Hmmm, it rained when Richard and I went to the Orioles
game last year…. It’s probably his fault!


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