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I went to a cooking class today… Yup, Luca and Naleg asked at a local hotel and they got a quick 1 1/2 hour class together for 5 people. We made “Yemmeni Soup” (not made of real Yemmenis), Fasah, and Salta. Salta is not a bean dish like I had been lead to believe and the fasah that we made here was much more complicated than what I got in the souk the other day. The soup is made from lamb, onions, tomatos, cumin, and some salt. They only serve the broth as soup, the rest is made into ewither salta or fasah. It was interesting, but I’m not so sure how practical it was. Some of the ingredients (Hulba anyone?) seem to be rather specific to this neck of the woods. Also, does anyone know what herb cumin comes from?

This wednesday we will be going on a trip! We’re going to tour some villages around Sana’a. We’ll be, at most 40 or 50 klicks out from the city so it’s not like we’re going way out into the wild. One idea was shot down thaty I might try later on. They had originally looked at going to visit and camp with some bedouins out in the desert. The trouble is that Luca’s sister is only here for 5 days and that trip would be 9 hours each way. Still, it sounds like a great trip to take if I have a week or so to do it in…

Class has gotten more intense all of a sudden. We are starting to look at pronouns (singular, plural, masculine, femine) and it’s making my head spin a bit since the verbs and the pronouns must agree. Interesting fact, there are no possesive pronouns in Arabic, they modify the noun to show who it belongs to. I better get to studying. I’ll try to check email and poist tomorrow, but then I’ll be gone till friday and may not post again until sat. “See” you then…


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Cummin is ground coriander seed which is from the herb celantro which I grow every summer…not very exotic but very good.

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