That was interesting…

Went to the resturant last night and ordered Fasaa, that lamb dish that I liked so much the other day. What I got I later found out was fasula. I really don’t think my pronunciation was that far off, I think they didn’t have any lamb cooked up and so they served me what they had that sounded pretty close… Anyway, it was tasty. It was a bean dish, looked like it was lightly mashed and then fried up into a thinish patty. Had a decent amount of spices that made it good. It was also cheap, about 75 cents, but not without consequence… Note to self, do not consume a lot of beans and wash it down with a soda… I didn’t get much sleep last night due to the effects of all the gas, so I cancelled class today. I’m going to go back to ordering chicken until I get the whole food thing a little more under control…

For any of you wondering, the sun really hasn’t been an issue. Christoph (a German)has been here 2 months and has not tanned a bit. We’ll see what the summer is like, but so far not even the hint of a burn. I was afraid that at this altitude I’d have more problems, so far so good!

I put up a picture of my favorite pastry from the local bakery so far. It has a really flaky crtust, liberal amounts of honey, and chock full of nuts. It tastes like peanuts and almonds mostly. Each one costs about 65 cents. I’m doomed….:-)


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