I’m back! and new pictures…

Got back from my trip into the Yemen countryside yesterday. Came back with a slight sunburn, a slight strain to my right quad, and thouroughly exausted. Yemen is a beautiful country, check out the pictures… I will come back and add descriptions to the pictures and blog about the specifics of the trip when I have more time. Tonight is my first night conjagating verbs! Well, it’s progress… I’ll write my more extensive notes about my trip on my laptop at home and just cut and paste when I’m at the internet cafe. Look for updates starting tomorrow, In-sha-allah.

Dean, a British student here has offered to show me around Dubai. He works there and when I mentioned that I have an extended layover there, he offered his couch and to show me around… nice guy! So I’ll take him up on that offer, it’ll be much nicer than just hanging around the airport…

That’s all for now, busy busy busy, I’ll write more soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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